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It is a program designed to convert PDF files to EPUB
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PDF was not designed to be part of the new e-book reading experience. However, we all have books and documents in PDF that would love to read on our portable devices. Most e-book readers simply do not support PDF, and those that do will shrink the pages in the PDF file to fit their tiny screens, thus making them unreadable. 3herosoft PDF to EPUB Converter can transform those static PDF pages into reflowable text packaged in an EPUB container, which will allow your e-book reader to provide you a better reading experience.

Those who do not want to change the layout of the original PDF file have also the possibility of telling PDF to EPUB Converter to create an EPUB container filled with images that faithfully represent each of the pages in the PDF. In this case, your e-book reader will act as a simple PDF reading tool (but with a much smaller display), and it will not be able to apply to your EPUB that extra functionality that make text-based EPUB books a much more flexible and pleasurable reading experience.

Surprisingly enough, this conversion tool seems to give more importance to that image-based type of EPUB than to the one based on text. Thus, the only settings available for the “EPUB Text Format” refer to the book’s metadata (title, author, ISBN, series, etc.), ignoring all the functionality that this type of e-books can provide (table of contents, footnotes, links, etc.). If you select the “EPUB Picture Format” though, you will be presented with a preview of the PDF page, and you will be allowed to determine the size and the margins. The different settings available for each type of book reveals the different levels of importance that 3herosoft give to each of them. Thus, the way it has been designed, this is a tool to consider if you need to move your PDF files (as they are) into an e-book reader that does not support that format. If what you are looking for is a tool to transform your static PDF files into flexible and full-featured EPUB files, you may want to consider other options.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Attractive and intuitive interface
  • Allows you to customize the output of image-based EPUB books


  • Text-based EPUB books cannot be customized
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